About Us

Young children from birth to age five make giant developmental strides. In this critical window, high quality education is the key to unlocking their potential and with the right support they can thrive academically, emotionally and socially!

The world of young children is centered on mental representations. With time, it is now known that young children are competent, active agents of their own conceptual development. In short, the mind of the young child has come to life !

We at “Oakland” Preschool, offer your curious child the required head start to succeed in life – With a specialized curriculum, trained educators who promote a culture of inquiry, environment that is safe & inclusive and a learning experience that integrates audio-visual, digital, print and outdoors in unique activities to engage & entertain your child.

Welcome to “Oakland” Preschool.

Why Oakland

We at Oakland PreSchool invest in good quality early childhood education keeping the child at the centre of everything we do. The curriculum is mapped age accordingly with developmentally appropriate outcomes that help children explore themselves and get ready for school.


Our vision is to transform our children into “Lifelong Learners”, who are Morally, Mentally & Physically Strong and are ready to take on any challenge thrown at them by the biggest “Teacher” of this world, called LIFE. These children grow on to become Happy, Kind, Loving, Tolerant and Patriotic assets of our nation.

Our Philosophy

We intend to work with a purpose to awaken the physical, behavioral, emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual aspects of each individual, fostering creative as well as analytical thinking.


Our mission is to help every child realize his potential and encourage him to achieve it.